Savannah, Georgia Face & Body Painter NEW LOGO

A new beginning in a gorgeous new location calls for a sleek and beautiful new logo, don’t you think?

I have been rolling out my new logo over the past month and I am absolutely loving the simplicity and flow of the design.  While I am still happily painting children’s (and adults’) faces for all of life’s special occasions, I really felt that my growing business needed to be branded in a way that appeals to both children AND adults and spans across face painting, henna, glitter tattoos and body painting.

So without further adieu…

Out with the old….cropped-chubbycheeksbc11.png

And in with the new!



Isn’t it beautiful? Check out how great my business cards adorned with my new logo look alongside my professional face and body painting kit. *swoon* I’m in love!

Take a look!

collage of kit

I’m so excited to see where this creative journey will take me. I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the ride!

Savannah, GA Face & Body Artist

As many of my followers already know, Chubby Cheeks Body Art has moved to beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

Amid the chaos of moving to the east coast from southern Indiana I have continued to strive for improvement and have been dedicated to honing my skills and working on a mixture of both “on the job” designs  (face art that can be completed in 5 minutes or less, such as if I were painting at a an event) as well as designs that I have created in the hopes of increasing my skills in precision, patience, and design development.

In doing so I have helped re-ignite my passion for this beautiful art form; face and body art.

Please enjoy these photos of my recent work.

Deco and Mask 5-16-17

bumblebee june 11 white logocollage angry birds 6-10-17 with new logoCollage of Foxes June 6 with new logoCollage Wonder Woman Back Piece 5-2-17Freddy 1 with new logoJune 3 - Bright Mask on Lillie with new logoJune 17mermicorn eye open new logopascal face paint june 5 new logoRobot OTJ 6-15straight on and profile painted porc with new logowith vintage effect

Savannah, Georgia Body Painter – Love Yourself

Model: Mandy Schneider

Face and Body Art and Photography by: Ashlie Alvey of Chubby Cheeks Face and Body Art

Mandy Love yourself 2

No subtle message here, folks. This is my fun, colorful, playful, and beautiful reminder to love yourself. Show yourself the care, respect, grace, and forgiveness that you deserve each and every day that you’re blessed to be here.

Yep, you should totally go and love yourself.

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Savannah, Georgia Maternity Art – The Force Is Strong…

I am constantly falling more and more in love with this most special art. To be able to create long-lasting memories for gorgeous mothers-to-be and their families is at the top of my list of favorites. Being able to do so for a dear friend, well to me, that’s just out of this world!

I am so happy to announce that Lukah has made his arrival and both Mommy (Erica) and baby are doing beautifully. And let me tell you, it’s so true, the force is strong with that one! erica-and-lukah-1-logoerica-and-lukah-2-logoerica-and-lukah-3-logoerica-and-lukah-6-logo



Custom Maternity Art – Celena and Wren

I am always so honored and thrilled to paint a mother-to-be during one of the most beautiful, vibrant, and magical times in her life.

Truly, there are few things that give me more joy than being able to create one of a kind art work on a lovely mommy who is at the very same moment creating such a treasured and most precious masterpiece within.

Life is so awesome.

Heartfelt thank you to Celena for allowing me the privilege of painting your lovely canvas. You are beautiful. And baby Wren is blessed to have you as her mommy.

Celena Belly Close Up with FocalCelena - cribCelena - Crib 2Celena Maternity - Crop Top 1Celena Focal Belly WindowCelena WindowCelena Maternity - Pink 1

Prenatal artwork and Photography by: Ashlie Alvey of Chubby Cheeks Face and Body Art, Boonville, Indiana.

Model: Celena Werremeyer (and baby Wren)

Book your prenatal art session with Chubby Cheeks Face and Body Art today!

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Evansville, Indiana Face Painter – Mead Johnson Safety Fair

This was my second year face painting at Evansville Mead Johnson’s annual safety fair. They always go above and beyond with this event and I was super excited to be invited back to bring extra color and fun to the children (and children at heart).

And, bonus, I got this sweet message from the event coordinator:

“I can’t thank you enough for helping with our safety fair.  When we started talking about planning for the event this year, you were one of the first people that was discussed on coming back.  You have such a talent and brings smiles to everyone’s faces.  Hope to see you again next year!”

As an artist there are very few things that make me happier than when people appreciate and value my work.

Thanks again to Mead Johnson, Evansville for another great event!




Custom Maternity Art – Friends

Katherine and I have been friends for many years and when I heard the exciting news that she was expecting her first child I knew that I wanted to do something special for my beautiful friend and mother-to-be. And as it turns out, when I mentioned that I would love to adorn her gorgeous pregnant belly with art she jumped at the chance.

Not only that but she decided to gift her good friend, Liz, who is also expecting, a Chubby Cheeks FABA painted belly too!

I want to wish both of these amazing ladies a happy, healthy, and safe delivery. I can’t wait to see your precious bundles of joy!

Models: Katherine P. and Elizabeth W.

Art and Photography: Ashlie Alvey (Chubby Cheeks Face and Body Art)

Katherine Close Up With LogoKat and Kyle Belly Paint Logo 3-19-16Katherine with logo 3-19-16

liz profile with logo 3-19-16Liz with Logo 3-19-16


Liz and Kat Belly Paint with Logo 3-19-16

Double the Fun With Chubby Cheeks Face and Body Art – Southern Indiana Face Painter

There’s really nothing better than a Saturday morning of perfect weather, bright colors, happy smiles, love and laughter except for when you multiply all of that by two! I had such a fantastic time with these sweet sisters. Their infectious giggles and charming personalities made my heart happy and they were truly a pleasure to paint!

It doesn’t hurt that they are as cute as buttons!Double the fun 5-2 twins treeparty hats 5-2