Savannah, Georgia Face & Body Painter NEW LOGO

A new beginning in a gorgeous new location calls for a sleek and beautiful new logo, don’t you think?

I have been rolling out my new logo over the past month and I am absolutely loving the simplicity and flow of the design.  While I am still happily painting children’s (and adults’) faces for all of life’s special occasions, I really felt that my growing business needed to be branded in a way that appeals to both children AND adults and spans across face painting, henna, glitter tattoos and body painting.

So without further adieu…

Out with the old….cropped-chubbycheeksbc11.png

And in with the new!



Isn’t it beautiful? Check out how great my business cards adorned with my new logo look alongside my professional face and body painting kit. *swoon* I’m in love!

Take a look!

collage of kit

I’m so excited to see where this creative journey will take me. I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the ride!


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